Tuesday, 28 April 2015

St. Mark's, Longueuil - Good-bye Part 3

Link to sermon preached by Trudy Lebans for St. Mark's Day. She said at the beginning - looking across at Katherine Bonathan, " I don't know if your father would be shocked to see me here (inthe pulpit) or proud. I don't know if she heard Kay's response - but we heard it as we were close to her - and we agreed - "He would have been very proud of you." And so he would.


If this link doesn't work as is, you can go to Voices in the Trees - and you will find "A Sermon for St. Mark's Day" posted April 28th.

below is the letter written by Dr. Michael Grant, 12e Baron de Longueuil and read by his good friend, Pascale Doucet. Not sure if the text is large enough to read. I have it as a word doc - so if need be, I can copy and paste.

And - try as I might, I haven't been able to put in a photo I really want to - computers - ugh... of the irwin pew - Stephen rang the bell for the service. Trish and her husband, Ruth, and Stephen's wife Jacqueline in their old front pew on the Gospel side. Well do I remember them slipping in  (as slipping-innish as two parents and 6 children can manage a bit late usually) and Tim who was two, fair head bouncing up and down...  

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