Saturday, 4 April 2015

Alleluia Socks, New Fire, and Church Bells

Jesus Mafa image of resurrection
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Just home from the Easter vigil at Mile End Mission. Creative chaos. Quite a few children. Lots of action. Bilingual drama leading from the upper room and disciples in fear, to telling God stories to comfort them/ourselves, to re-enacting the Exodus - Singing: "Let my people go! Laisse mon peuple partir!" with great enthusiasm and somewhat offkey - Missy as Pharaoh, finding frogs on her/his throne and swatting away hordes of flies... and letting us go - to Moses (Lubo) leading us forth across the Red Sea (children holding and shaking a turquoise painted cloth until Lubo brought his rod down to part it. (I hope the broomstick got reunited with the base afterwards) ... 

The New Fire didn't light too well - wood shavings too fine and it was very windy. The fire caught eventually and flamed up in the darkness. People driving by on St-Urbain, a busy thoroughfare, must have wondered what this crowd of raggle-taggle people gathered around a turkey pot lighting a fire were up to. Procession with large cross and the paschal candle carried with care by Emma. Candles and little fire bugs. "The light of Christ!" sung in the traditional manner. Children helping with communion. Tom providing wonderful music. All in all, a beautiful and moving service. 

I wore multi-coloured unmatched socks - my Alleluia socks - and we discovered several of the children were wearing alleluia socks, too. They'll remember that. Live life with colour! Easter life! 

On the way home I heard church bells chiming long and loud calling the faithful to another, more traditional, Easter Vigil at the large RC church on St. Joseph Blvd. Made me want to stop and join them.

Ready for tomorrow. Easter growing out of living Lent, Holy Week, right up to and through Holy Saturday.

May you have living colour alleluia socks - in reality or imagination! :-) May you know new life!


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  1. So now you are calling Dan's socks "Alleluia socks"????:)