Friday, 13 March 2015

God Made Puddles for Splashing

OK - so today (Wednesday, March 11th) the temperature was 9 degrees above zero Celsius. Quite a change from 19 below and wind chill factors of -30's. Snow was melting. Puddles formed - big puddles. Gigantic puddles at the corner of Wagram (now Goupil) and Lasalle and Mercier in Montreal South. Those of you who don't have REAL winters, have no idea the fun that comes when spring pokes its head around the corner ...sniffs of musty earth and oozy mud, wet brown grass patches with a hint of green, gritty gravel speckling the sidewalks, And just the merest whiff of the scent of skunk contemplating ending hibernation but not quite sure yet ... 

A brief theological reflection on city spring puddles:

Splashing in puddles is FUN! Puddles were created for our delight - as well as to water the earth of course. 

City puddles are however, on closer inspection, disgusting. Splashing disturbs the still surface and an illusion of beauty by stirring up brown/black silt and poisons, I suppose, from the atmosphere. People throw Timmy (Tim Horton's for those of you non-Canadians) cups and McDonald's wrappers on the ground and they get washed into the mess. And yet - look at the photos. The puddles reflect the beauty of the world around them. Bare trees thinking of budding and leafing. Telephone poles. Homes. Blue, blue sky. So ... looks can be deceiving? Or mud and mess is only part of the story. Or... 

No matter whether they're clean country puddles or yucky city puddles, God made 'em for splashing - and made us to enjoy them. 

Billy boots - ready to go splashing and exploring

Lasalle looking east - muck for ducks

Corner of Wagram (now Goupil) and Lasalle (Judy's old home)

Someone cleared the drains - puddles have decreased in size

Looking towards rue Ste-Hélène along Goupil - Still fun


Reflections 2


Never get too old to splash in puddles

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