Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The Universe Is Whapping Me ;-)

OK. So, I get the message already - Whap! Whap! Whap! I hear you!  Now there's 'just' processing ...

I've often found that a book will show up - or my hand will head for a  book in Indigo or wherever - that's just what I need. I don't normally get the same message within a few days from books I happened on, internet search for something else turns up two important links on the whap topic, CBC Radio I just happened to turn on in the car while driving home, a Mission member, a message from Duxbury ... and on it has gone. WHAP!

Alright, already!

It's about letting go. About clutter and its uses - creative and otherwise - and, as I'm discovering, there are so many kinds of letting go. Exciting. Scary. Enlivening... Did I say scary? :-)

First: Book - A Cluttered Life: My Search for God, Serenity, and My Missing Keys 
by Pesi Dinnerstein

Second: Rachel Naomi Remen has a site I found while hoping to find she'd written a new book.  (See Kitchen Table Wisdom and My Grandfather's Blessings) and now - 




Third: A friend sent a Thanksgiving e-mail with the following poem by Mary Oliver. I don't think said friend knew that I was already getting 'whapped' about the meaning of life, clutter, and letting go.

Fourth:   Blog of Nadia Bolz-Weber: Sarcastic Lutheran: The Cranky, Beautiful Faith of a Sinner and Saint


And then her book: Pastrix: The Cranky, Beautiful Faith of a Sinner and Saint

Fifth:  Because I waited to continue this - partly because there is so much I've been whapped with, partly because I resist writing, partly because I took an awesome trip to Massachusetts immediately after this - a trip i was ambivalent about - hence the night before I had still only thrown necessaries in the general direction of a suitcase ... and then more to add to the theme, big time.

Sixth:  Not to mention that when I arrived at my favourite bookstore - Hopkins Bookshop in Burlington, VT - Dinny told me there is a new book out by Katherine Paterson - she of Bridge to Terabithia fame among many others.

Her new book is:   Stories of My Life.

To be continued.  Meantime - this poem is exquisite.  the rest of the world seems to have discovered Mary Oliver long before I did - thank you to Jan and Elizabeth for connecting me to her.

In Blackwater Woods 

mary oliver

Look, the trees
are turning
their own bodies
into pillars

of light,
are giving off the rich
fragrance of cinnamon
and fulfillment,

the long tapers
of cattails
are bursting and floating away over
the blue shoulders

of the ponds,
and every pond,
no matter what its
name is, is

nameless now.
Every year
I have ever learned

in my lifetime
leads back to this: the fires
and the black river of loss
whose other side

is salvation,
whose meaning
none of us will ever know.
To live in this world

you must be able
to do three things:
to love what is mortal;
to hold it

against your bones knowing
your own life depends on it;
and, when the time comes to let it go,
to let it go.”

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