Monday, 16 June 2014

Anne of Green Gables Loose in Longueuil

Scents. Friends. Spring. 

Anne of Green Gables was loose in Longueuil again this year! Along the old train tracks on Desaulniers - I'm sure I heard her exclaiming to Matthew at the exquisite beauty - a bower of blossoms pink, sweet and soft-scented - evening stillness - breathing deeply - petals snow-falling ... ahhh... I've been ummm not lazy - just ...well ... time to sit down and write... William Wordsworth, I'm not. However - here is the poetry in images.

P'raps the photos are enough ... I walked the trail in the evenings or rode my bike. Ruth and Deb visited from MA and I introduced them to Anne country. I know Anne was here! That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. 

There's Ruth in the distance, and then Deb having a sniff for a photo op (at my request, but it didn't take much convincing). 

Anne of Green Gables lives in my imagination, and sharing with real live friends added joy as well :-)   En-joy!


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! I can still hear the approaching train and can feel the vibrations - clickety clack :)

  2. Nature is extravagant -- no modesty whatsoever!

  3. We first bonded over Anne...a whole new world for me:) I had her in my heart the entire time I was in PEI. I swore I would go back and haven't gone yet-perhaps I will take my grand daughters on the Anne trail!