Thursday, 3 April 2014

Love in Motion - Sunday School for Everyone

A tragic event in December with a young person who was a child when I arrived at the Mission in 1995 motivated Lori to say, "We have to do something for this generation of children!" And so a seed was planted. Parents and others were consulted. A grant has been applied for to help with funding, but we will carry on regardless.

Black History Jazz Mass was the beginning. And a few of the children asked, "When can we come back to church?" WOW!! 

Making communion bread

March 30th, we held our first inter-generational Sunday School in the hall. We made communion bread (see photos), sang, danced, had communion and then lunch around the same tables. 13 children with parents and various other adults, including St CHL senior members. :-) We talked about needing different kinds of food - for our bodies and our spirits. We sang (among other songs) "If I were a butterfly..." Memories of this one - evening visits on Baird 5 in Burlington, VT in the late 80's when I was doing CPE - with Heidi on my lap in a rocking chair - singing the chorus repeatedly together. 

"For you gave me  a heart, 
and you gave me a smile. 
You gave me Jesus, 
and you made me your child. 
And I just thank you God for making me, me!"

We have three regular little ones (and several other less regular) at St. CHL these days who participate as crucifiers and in all ways possible. A small church provides neat opportunities for creativity and flexibility. If we have 3 children, we have 3 crucifers - with parents helping with the larger crosses.

Our project needed a title for the grant application - so for now it's "Love in Motion." We were certainly in motion. And the concentration is obvious in the photos. It was wonder-full! Love goes a long way - and a safe and welcoming place ... 

And we all need to know we can make a difference, so each child took home what we used to call a mite box - from the Primate's Fund - and are going to collect nickels and dimes for Apeti pou aprann - the children's lunch programme in Haiti that we started in Montreal after the earthquake - through the PWRDF. 

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