Saturday, 12 January 2013

Remembering Haiti

It's three years today since the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti. I'm wondering if this sculpture survived the quake. Whether it did or not , the people survived. Haiti lives. Contrary to some reports, Haiti lives. It takes a long time to move masses of rubble, to rebuild or build homes, but hope abounds. The Haitian people are nothing if not resilient, and they are much more. Check out good news stories - beauty, change, development. Education. City gardens.

Check out Sister Sarah's Excellent Adventure - her Mini Rant for today. Check out the Primate's World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) - to project we began in Montreal called Apeti pou aprann - a school lunch program in an region that was close to the epicentre. Volunteer Moms spend 10-11 hours a day journeying to the schools, preparing a nutritious lunch, feeding the children, and cleaning up.

Since I have just begun this blog, I'm not sure how it operates. However, I'll try to add the links.

Sister Sarah's Excellent Adventure

A beginning. When the news is full of horror stories (real suffering) we can lose sight of the good news - and Good News. Wonder-full things are happening out there.

Remembering our sisters and brothers in Haiti - and those of the diaspora - and giving thanks for courage, determination, resilience, joy, and all of the good things happening ...