Friday, 25 January 2013

Poems by Alla Renée Bozarth in Womanpriest


There is a new sound
Of roaring voices in the deep                                            
And light-shattered rushes in the heavens.     
The mountains are coming alive,
The fire-kindled mountains
Moving again to reshape the earth.
It is we sleeping women,
Waking up in a darkened world,
Cutting the chains
From off our bodies with our teeth,
Stretching our lives over the slow earth,
Seeing, moving, breathing in the vigour
That commands us to make all things new.

It has been said that while the women sleep
The earth shall sleep. But listen!
We are waking up and rising,
And soon our sister will know her strength.
The earth-moving day is here.
We women wake to move in fire.
The earth shall be remade.                

Alla Renée Bozarth in Womanpriest


We do not want
to rock the boat,
you say, mistaking
our new poise                                      
for something safe.

We smile secretly
at each other,

sharing the reality
that for some time
we have not been
in the boat.         

We jumped
or were pushed
or fell
and some leaped

Our bodies form
a freedom fleet,
our dolphin grace
is power.

We learn and teach
and as we go
each woman sings;
each woman’s hands
are water wings.

Some of us have become
mermaids or Amazon whales
and are swimming for our lives.

Some of us do not know how to swim, 
We walk on water.

Alla Renée Bozarth in Womanpriest
She was one of the “Philadelphia 11” –
the first women ordained in the Episcopal Church (in 1974)
They forced the Episcopal Church to confront the issue and
begin ordaining women.

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