Monday, 14 January 2013

Baptisms and things

Sunday we celebrated the Baptism of Jesus. I love the Jesus Mafa images of an African Jesus. And one of my all-time favourite photos is of me baptising McKenna last summer in the lake at Camp Kinkora. Joy! 

It's also been many months since I visited La Nativité, our Haitian parish - and a good time to go and be with my sisters and brothers the day after the 3rd anniversary of the earthquake. I am reminded each time of the power of culture as expressed through language and music. The French hymns are all right - traditional and mostly translated from 200+ year old English to French. Something is missing.  When the singing is in Creole - well - the roof lifts, the passion and enthusiasm are so moving I can hardly stand it. I sway and clap along with everyone else and re-connect to my body. It's real. Earthy in an entirely positive sense. After all, we are of the earth. Aarrgghhh... words are good, but so limiting. Suffice it to say the service was enlivening, refreshing, with a dynamic and challenging sermon to boot. mainly in Creole, and I understood most of it. Need more practice. Maybe now that I am 'half-retired' I can join La Nativité more often.

The only sad thing - I was sick and missed celebrations on January 1st - so no soupe joumou :-(    For those of you not connected to the Haitian community, January 1st is Independence Day. Soupe joumou contains all the ingredients Haitians as slaves cultivated for their masters, but were forbidden to eat. It has a base of pumpkin or squash, and is thick with vegetables and meat. My mouth waters as I write ... the only thing closer to heavenly food is mayi moulen ak saus (sp?) pwa. Corn meal and black bean sauce. Mmmm mmmm mmmm. 


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